Hello July!

You now how you start off with all these grand ideas and plans and then boom life just gets in the way or doubt or whatever else excuse you can make, I have some of those both grand schemes and grand excuses. I think sometimes, especially living in the times we are living right now, it’s okay to just live in the moments and take each day as it comes. What it also means is that one day – say like July 1st, you are going to just say, enough or I am ready and take that first step you have just maybe been afraid of or let your doubt or insecurities overshadow your plans. I know I can think of great things, I know I can plan a bunch and I know I can very capable of thinking of all the reasons it won’t be good enough or what not. But it the start of a new month and it is the start of amazing possibilities and it’s time to follow after things and sometimes just the start of a thought is enough to go after it.

Just like seeing an Iris as beautiful as the one I have shown you one morning and the next it’s gone, the moment is there, the feeling remains, I know it will be back again, so I can chase after my ideas and dreams and know that they will always be there too.

What dreams are you ready to chase after!?


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