The Chaotic Swirls

Oak Tree, Hazelnut Trail

Life has been a bit crazy, hasn’t it? I made these goals and some stuck and many flew away, but I like to call it all chaotic swirls. See like this tree above, a welcome friend and favorite of mine, with its swirling branches reaching out to the sky, isn’t that what we are too? All of us have this journey and as we grow, we twist and turn and swirl, of course, until we reach our destination. Then we start a new journey, a new branch on our tree. We never stop, the growth is always within us. The sky is limitless, you see, and while life seems to have stop and become a bit crazy, finding an anchor or just moments of calm have made all the crazy just almost welcomed for me.

So, now within my own chaotic swirls where do I go, I swear the creativity that I have gained from this quarantine is something I never imagined I grew stronger business, I painted moons like I never thought I could and I began this blog. I accept that I flew off, sometimes it’s was needed, but now I have flown back home and I am excited and anxious to share all that literally swirls in my head always.

I hope while you are reading this, you find your own chaotic swirl, find the thing that excites you and scares you a bit and makes you so happy you want to ramble on about it to everyone. For me, that’s this is, I am going to share my art more, my photography (past and present) and what scares me a bit to share, but excites me too, is my writing, something I have always done for me, since forever. For years, it just sat in the shadows, I think it is time to shine some light on it.

I hope you find yours whatever it is, be kind to each other and from the words of one of my favorite authors, Charles de Lint, (go read his words) ~ Touch Magic, Pass it on…….


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