Wild and Bound

We all have this passion inside of us, some of know what it is and some of us our still looking for it. Passion to me, it’s this desire to be creating, always. I first held my camera 26 years ago, on my 18th Birthday, before that I was painting, writing, drawing – my mind just constantly wandering about. And I loved it. I still love it – the wandering feeling and that need to see what is in my head. For there are moments when even I don’t even know what is inside.
Photography came naturally for me, it was this passion inside of me that felt so right and when I got my camera, it was all clicked, literally. And it’s just hard to truly explain what photography means to me and what it brings to me. Simply put, it brings me stories. It gives me so many stories of moments to come and moments that have past. It gives you your stories. It inspires me to create paintings, to write and to just want to see what more I can do. It’s a passion that lies deep within and it more than the small business I have grow and love, it’s like a need. It’s like a part of me. The photograph becomes part of my personality and I become part of it. Creating of any kind is like finding treasures buried deep inside you and you know when you stuck gold when you just get this feeling of proud yet quiet and wild yet bound.
There are many things I am not certain of but I am most certain of this, I am an artist, for 44 years this is what I have been striving for, to be able to say confidently, “I am an Artist!” Finally, it just all feels right. Creating art, mainly photographs, that make myself and those who see their stories in them happy. It’s about the connection I find in a detail or a moment and that you see and connect with. It’s about the stories we share when we talk. This is passion I found finally with my art, with my photography. And it’s one of the most amazing feelings.
I know this is where I am supposed to be with myself art. I know that this person I am now, she knows the art she wants to make and wants to show and share and wants to keep making. Photography is one part of me and I love that I am able to express myself in different ways. It’s that wild and bound feeling of finding a treasure. You maybe bound to creating but you are also wild to explore all that runs inside of your mind just waiting to get out.
Are you ready to share you passion?

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